Issue fifty – March 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fifty – March 1st 2015

The most sobering feeling, and the most needed one in our culture, is the humbling understanding of our place in the universe. We have already ruined our own world, but the affect of other stellar bodies can bring us back from our egoistic ivory towers, where we worship ourselves and mock all that is not human. The upcoming solar eclipse on March 20th is a harmless, yet important moment of darkness upon the scorching, radiating light of humanity. For a few moments we will stop everything and stand in awe in front of the silent darkness, holding our eyes to the sky once again, like in ancient times.

For few moments we will realize once again that things we take for granted can be taken from us or simply vanish.

Until then, here is what we have this month –

Oiseaux-Tempete – Re-works
Russel/ Beresford/ Edwards/ Liavik Solberg – Will it Float?
Sound Awakener – September Traveler

Also – Don’t forget our special Christmas album, available for listening and possible purchase. Enjoy!

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Issue fourty nine – February 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fourty nine – February 1st 2015

Culture is not your Friend! is four years old today. What started as a modest adventure have become a serious mission. I have just gone through the list of past reviews and only then could I grasp the magnitude of written text and musical encounters. That was the past, and the past does not really matter anymore. The big question is about the future. It’s heart warming to look at the road we have already went through, and then it’s time to look forward, to what lies ahead.

Here are the albums up on review for February:

Drub/Jeff Mcleod – Split
Jelena Glazova / Ilia Belorukov – Split tape
MoE – Oslo Janus
RLLRBLL – Bathing Music
Sult – Svimmelhed

Don’t forget our latest Christmas compilation. Feel free to listen to the great tracks on it, and maybe even purchase it if you choose.

See you in march farther down the road.

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Issue fourty eight – January 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fourty eight – January 1st 2015

The cycle goes around again.

Just last night I was talking to this great guy, a historian, who happens to have a completely different set of opinions about society and how it should look in the near future. We talked about immortality through technology, and the end of the fear of natural death. less optimistic than him, I tried to point out different social, economical and most of all – ecological problems we will have to find solution to, and we had our discussion.

When I asked how immortal life will look like on the day to day basis, he did explain something interesting. Life will stop being linear and start being circular. Circular work-retirement, circular education, circular relationships.

Circle instead of a line.

So here is to another circle going around. Let’s hope and make it a good one.

.cut | St. Onge – Self Titled
Fallopian Disco Force – Black Larvenroller
Svarta Stugan – Aspects of our future selves
(((Witxes))) & Dale Coper Quartret and the Dictaphones – Split
Zbigniew Karkowski – Live in Lyon

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Christmas Is Not Your Friend – Volume Four : a Culture Is Not Your Friend! Winter compilation out now !


Just a little before this year ends, we are more than pleased to offer you the fourth compilation of Christmas is not your Friend!, offering 18 festive tracks that will vibrate your holiday vacation into higher or lower dimensions. Like always, since we love the physical format of albums, for those who will decide to purchase this compilation we are offering a cover that is ready to be printed and put inside a jewel case. Of course, like always, you are more than welcome to listen to this double album online for free.

We would like to thank all of the great artists who have contributed music to us on 2014, and the artists who participate on this holiday compilation album.

What is there to be wished for the next year? Lets just hope that wishes will become actions.

See you in 2015!

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Issue fourty seven – December 1st 2014

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fourty seven – December 1st 2014

Standing at the end of the year, and almost three years since we started this music blog, it’s a good opportunity to look back at all that was done, and look forward at what’s yet to come. Past and future aside, the present, or this month, to be precise, is also a special month because in December we post twice and not just once.

We present today seven new reviews, and near the end of the month, on Christmas, we will release our annual holiday album. Listening to it thoroughly was an exciting experience and I would like to thank all of the artists who have contributed a track this year. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and I hope you will be too once it’s released.

So don’t forget to come back on Christmas for the festive Christmas is not your friend compilation album!

This month we present reviews of the following albums:

Marcus Fjellström – Lichtspiel Mutation 2 – Alechsis
Owl Glitters – Alchemical Tones
Poppy Ackroyd – Feathers
Sima Kim – Freudvoll und Leidvoll
Urna ‎– Cauchemar
Wyrding – Agony in Being
Yellow 6 – Closer to the sea without moving

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Issue fourty six – November 1st 2014

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fourty six – November 1st 2014

What is more real in the eyes of western society? The Ebola scare or the fact that the domain was sold for 200,000$ following the Ebola scare? This is the question that should be asked on the post Halloween traffic jams back to work. More holidays are coming, holidays when we can celebrate friendship and joy, while man made destruction, disaster and disease are an integral part of our landscape.

Speaking of holidays, we have the next two weeks until the end of the next holidays CINYF! compilation album! By judging the artists and tracks we have so far, it’s going to be a great one. You can help making it even greater.

So here is what we have for review for November :

Fanum / Karna – Something Else
Franz Kirmann – Meridians
Lana Trio – Live in Japan
Slicnaton – Autoscopy
Thisquietarmy – Altar of Drone

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Issue fourty five– October 1st 2014

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fourty five – October 1st 2014

Since we have already been born and raised long after the human conquest of the world had ended with our victory over all other species, our dictatorship and monopoly over the lives of non humans seem natural and justified enough for us to miss the first and foremost message that is hidden inside anatomical sketches that describe their inner body parts.

We have to understand that even prior to this picture’s function as a representation for the anatomy of the dolphin (and of course – all other non human beings), it represents our own violent conquest of this being, the dolphin’s murder, the mutilation of his corpse and the right we have given ourselves to examine him after his death. Only when the killing of this being for the sake of our curiosity becomes acceptable, this horrible information about the Dolphin’s death disappears, leaving us with a mere anatomical description, as if no harm was ever done.

Please remember that we are still collecting music from all (post)industrial / Apocalyptic/freak folk / drone etc etc artists, for our upcoming holiday compilation. Send us unreleased tracks and we might just use them!

Ben Bennett/ Jack Wright – Tangle
Dr.Strangelove / Eric Boivin + fourthousandblackbirds – Live At BBAM! Gallery
kÖök – Imber, Wiltshire
System Morgue – Feu

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