Christmas Is Not Your Friend – Volume Six



Culture is not your friend! might have disappeared from the everyday, but as mentioned last year, we rise once more when the holidays are upon us!

What are we here for? We call for artists to send unreleased music for our annual compilation, that will be released on Bandcamp.

We call for (post) industrial, ritual, Dark ambient, Drones, experimental and all kinds of (post) apocalyptic folk music in order to create the fitting soundtrack for whatever you make of the coming holidays.

Deadline – November 15th

Send your music (WAV, AIFF or FLAC only) to isnotyourfriend((at))gmail((dot))com

You can hear (or purchase) our past compilations through this link:

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Christmas Is Not Your Friend – Volume Five : a Culture Is Not Your Friend! Winter compilation out now !


Yes, we have called it a day few months ago, and stopped reviewing new music, but a holiday is a holiday!

Once again we are happy to present to you a daring, even haunting holiday compilation, focusing on more abstract and eerie sounds, but also with the occasional slide into different genres and approaches. It might be dark, and even bleak at times, but that’s how we like the holidays! Make sure you check out the different artists who participate in this album on their own websites and through their own albums, because we got some really great projects put together into this album, offering an introduction to some promising names.

The album is available for free, but you can generously purchase it for a symbolic amount of money.

Have a happy holiday, and let’s hope and act for a better year than the last one!

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Christmas Is Not Your Friend – Volume Five

Brace yourselves! Holiday is coming!

While CINYF! has stopped reviewing album not too long ago, this doesn’t mean we will stop offering new music with our annual holiday compilation albums!

So, like last year and the year before it, we ask for contributing artists in the fields of (post) industrial music, noise, drones, apocalyptic/psych folk and everything in between.

Please send us your tracks in WAV, AIFF or FLAC to isnotyourfriend [at] gmail [dot] com before November 15th 2015. We will be more than happy to consider your music for our upcoming compilation.

Thank you!

Culture is not your friend!

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Issue fifty three – June 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fifty three – June 1st 2015

Final transmission.

This coming June will be the last month of CINYF!’s scheduled reviews. On one hand this is a saddening decision, but on the other hand this is indeed a decision that will grant me more time for new projects I am taking. While I keep for myself the right to come back to writing reviews at any given month or day, for now this break has no scheduled end, and may last forever.

Petrels – Flailing Tomb
Satan is my Brother – They Made Us Climb Up Here
Sieben – Lietuva E.P

Culture might not be my friend, but I got to meet some friends through this platform over the years, and I am very thankful for this. Above all, I would like to thank my friend Albérick for helping me out with this project.

We might be gone now, but you will be able to find us next christmas, with another compilation for the holidays. Nothing really totally dies!

Culture is not our friend. Culture does not respect life. We need to respect life, both of fellow humans and, more importantly, of non humans. The life of someone innocent is more important than our own ego.

Over and out.


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Issue fifty two – May 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fifty two – May 1st 2015

This decision has been growing in the back of my head for quite some time (about a year or so), and today I have finally come to a conclusion which is somewhat unfortunate, but also a good one, I think. The next issue of CINYF!, coming out on June, is going to be the last one for a while. Over time, I have begun taking parts in some important projects, both in music and in other, animal liberation subjects, and I had to witness how my list of priorities changes, and how managing this blog is going downwards with each passing month. I think it would be wise to stop this project for a while, and come back to it when I have my full attention to it. It’s sad that this has to happen, but I am happy I could do this for several years.

These are the great albums I have listened to in the past month, see you one more time in June!

Heroin In Tahiti – Sun and Violence
Platform – Anthropocene
Umpio – Opium Electronix Vol. IV

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Issue fifty one – April 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fifty one – April 1st 2015

April is upon us, and with it – spring has arrived. This is the time to put the finger on the pulse of the earth and follow possible future shifts in climate change. We have many reasons to be worried about these changes and the difficult time they might bring upon us, and if anything, this should be a punishment for mankind’s lack of motivation to really act and change the ways things work in our culture. Is pointing at a possible future disaster a positive thing to do? The fact that we are getting tired and bored from such warnings only shows we need to stop dreaming and wake up. We all know about Monsanto, we all know about hyper capitalism and we all know about the animal holocaust and with it – the ecological disaster it brings. One of the best thing we can do in this culture is to just say NO and refuse taking part in as many roads of suffering as we can.

Here are the reviews for April:

A.T.M.O.M. – Andromeda
Eric Boivin + fourthousandblackbirds – untitled/revisited
Ogni Videniy – Sounding Emptiness

See you next month!

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Issue fifty – March 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fifty – March 1st 2015

The most sobering feeling, and the most needed one in our culture, is the humbling understanding of our place in the universe. We have already ruined our own world, but the affect of other stellar bodies can bring us back from our egoistic ivory towers, where we worship ourselves and mock all that is not human. The upcoming solar eclipse on March 20th is a harmless, yet important moment of darkness upon the scorching, radiating light of humanity. For a few moments we will stop everything and stand in awe in front of the silent darkness, holding our eyes to the sky once again, like in ancient times.

For few moments we will realize once again that things we take for granted can be taken from us or simply vanish.

Until then, here is what we have this month –

Oiseaux-Tempete – Re-works
Russel/ Beresford/ Edwards/ Liavik Solberg – Will it Float?
Sound Awakener – September Traveler

Also – Don’t forget our special Christmas album, available for listening and possible purchase. Enjoy!

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