Issue one. February 1st. 2011

Culture is not your friend!

Issue one. February 1st. 2011

With a small, modest step, and hopefully on a long, rewarding road, we open the new music web magazine titled ‘Culture is Not Your Friend!’ . Naming it after a brief but powerful revelation by Terrence Mckenna , we hope, with time, to offer a textual stage to those who step out of the poisonous spotlights of culture, and suggest other exchange of thoughts, words and, well, music.

We begin with a short list of reviews. In the next issues we will grow and offer, alongside a longer batch of reviewed albums, interviews as well. In the future we hope to add more sections to CINYF!, but we will keep these plans for later issues.

Arvo Zylo – 333
Fragment. , .cut featuring Gibet – ..
Infinitus Ensemble – Na, Poleon?
Lunalilith – Walls vs. Love
R.J Schrey & IOIOI – The Healing Breakdown
Rei Rea – Hallah Tatatahhh
Rei Rea – Mallow Dents – Draft

For questions or other exchange of words, album submissions and what not, please! Do not hesitate to contact us! Culture might not be your friend, but we are!

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2 Responses to Issue one. February 1st. 2011

  1. nor_dez says:

    I wish you the best of luck, may you prosper and do good.

  2. Tanya says:

    Good luck, Oren, with a new magazine!
    Hope to read qualitative, interesting and challenging content here.

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