Issue three. April 1st. 2011

Culture is not your friend!

Issue three. April 1st. 2011

I am writing this text as the final hours of March are fading away, leaving us to deal with the wreckage it left behind. Let’s hope for a kinder month of April and while doing so, we here at the headquarters of “Culture is not your friend!” are happy to put all kinds of problems aside, and offer you a wonderful April issue with great music inside. Also, I have a very exciting thing to tell you at the end of this message, so please read on!

On this issue we are happy to bring you several reviews, including :

K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O, Montreal Nintendo Orkestar, Cheerleader69 – 3X3 – Volume Three
Magdalena Solis – Hesperia
Nathan Watson – III / The Amber Tapes – Falling Mass Static
Rain Drinkers – Bore Upon the Breath of Dawn
Rei Rea / Syrinx – Split
Soapy Jefferson – Carnival

As well as two great interviews!
The first one needs no introductions; Tony Wakeford writes to Albérick and answers his questions. I had the pleasure to do the same with Troy Schafer, who is behind different musical projects which were featured on this issue and the past one.

I began this message with destruction, and I will come back to it now from a different, more positive approach. A week from now, on April 7th, the labels [walnut + locust] and 0BPM will release together a very special online album to be purchased through Bandcamp. The album, divided in two parts called “Noises for Japan : Sustain” and “Noises for Japan : Rebuild”, filled with well over 80 minutes of previously unreleased music, will feature many artists from around the world. For some, this will be the first time they are offering their work for audience, while other artists on these compilations are very well known and rightfully respected. “Noises for Japan” will be released in order to gather money for charity organizations in wounded Japan. We here at CINYF! are very excited about this project and we hope, through you, to get help for the animals and people of Japan. If I can say so, we offer well more than just a decent album in return!

“Noises for Japan : Sustain / Rebuild”, April 7th, don’t forget this coming day!

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