Noises For Japan – Sustain | Rebuild : out April 8th 2011

As first reports about another earthquake that hit Japan reach our screens, we find ourselves overrun by technical difficulties that prevent us from releasing the Japan benefit album with the help of the labels [walnut + locust] and 0BPM today as expected.

Never lose hope though! “Noises for Japan” will be released tomorrow and we promise it will be worth the wait. We can tell you now that for a pretty low price you will be able to purchase over four hours of music!

In the beginning of this journey we wanted to let you choose between several charity organizations before you make your donation, but then we noticed that several other compilations were already collecting donations for humans but none for animals. The good news is that we think that the cause of JEARS is well worthy of every donation we can get, as sometimes the poor animals get far less attention than poor humans. In the meantime feel free to check this organization and from tomorrow we can all help AND listen to over 40 unreleased tracks by many artists, including some who you all know!

May suffering and loss spare the lives of the people and animals of Japan, letting them rebuild and recover from last month’s earthquake instead of collapse once again from the one that hit them today.

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