Noises For Japan ~ Sustain | Rebuild : available now !

Noises For Japan ~ Sustain | Rebuild

” Others bury their heads between the swollen teats of indulgence and gratification, piglets squirming beneath a sow for shelter… But there is no shelter… and the future is bearing down like an express train.”
(Alan Moore)

I remember a dream I had when I was much younger. I was standing by the window in the flat where I lived, watching the empty, mute streets of the city. From afar, huge waves were slowly approaching. I was helpless and all I could do was to wait in horror until this death sentence arrives to consume me along with everybody else. I closed the windows and watched how the water rise outside, until they covered the building and I was left in darkness and silence inside my home, confined until I give in to death.

Reality is much harsher.

It is reality which attacks unexpected, reminding us that we live in a world which is built, brick upon brick, out of misery and suffering. It is reality that can erase the life of thousands within minutes, blind and oblivious to their faces and stories. On March 2011, reality has sent us another message of destruction, hitting the shores of Japan with numerous disasters, some of which affected other places on the globe as well.

We are tiny. But we can help. The net album, titled “Noises For Japan ~ Sustain | Rebuild” is being co-released with the help of the labels [walnut + locust] and 0BPM for the benefit of the survivors of the tragedy in Japan. Inside it you will find a long list of artists, some are new, taking their first steps in this musical world, while others are much more experienced and known. Together they create a long and fascinating journey through different musical genres, in order to help those whose world was turned upside down in seconds. Upon purchasing this album, you are actually giving money directly to JEARS, a charity organization in Japan, instead of paying us or the artists. This project is 100% voluntary and we even got help from the people of Bandcamp, the platform which we are using to release this plea for help. We offer you a long list of previously unreleased tracks which forms a powerful album, and while you can enjoy this great music, an animal or a person in Japan will enjoy their lives a little more.

To be perfectly honest, we are very excited about this release. We had two missions in front of us. One can be marked as a great success; to recruit interesting artists and good music. The other, we hope, will be successful as well, to bring some amount of comfort, however minimal, to the surviving victims of the horrible disaster in Japan. You can make that other mission a success.

The only version of this album is the online version, with all money raised from purchases fees going to charity and not to any of the involved personnel’s pockets. All artists have knowingly let us use their music for this purpose, and this purpose only. Any illegal copying of this music is unethical and bluntly intercepts our original intentions. Please support our cause and the intentions of the artists and purchase your copy instead of stealing it.

Thank you!

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