Issue five. June 1st. 2011

Culture is not your friend!

Issue five. June 1st. 2011

Another month rises, cornering us with the talons of an inevitable, scorching yellow sun. Yesterday I came across an article about scientist who demand and declare that our sun does not harm our skin at all like we thought. Doubtful at best, and certainly not serving as any form of comfort from the coming wrath of the dry summer, it does raise questions about things we call beliefs, and things we call facts. Certainly, my own idea of a safe summer stays the same it was for the past ten years – Don’t leave home, although as a year have passed since the last time I did this – diving is a great solution as well. The benefits are numerous, but two of them overshadow the res. Rich marine life is so alien and beautiful to see and carefully interract with, and even more important – the detachment from our own world, even if for thirty minutes.

This is my recommendation for the summer, for what it’s worth. Much finer recommendations are found in this brand new issue, including an interview with Cloudscapes and more album reviews, this time by :

Akin – The Way Things End
Bad Sector – Raw Data
Burial Hex – Eschatology I
Final Cut – Ballade de Bruits
Kikiilimikilii – Lumens
Raindrinkers – The Healing begins now

Also, speaking of animals, we urge you not to forget our online quarduple album, which is available for sale only because it is 100% charity album, using the money to help JEARS and their wonderful work they do, saving and recovering lost and injured animals in Japan, which still goes through insane times while many of us have already forgotten about the catastrophe that hit that nation.

That’s all for now! you can join us on facebook as well if you like! Don’t worry, we don’t post drunk pictures and obscure, private status lines about our problems.

Until July – Your friends.

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