Issue six. July 1st. 2011

Culture is not your friend!

Issue six. July 1st. 2011

Here is the new issue of Culture is not Your Friend!, for the coming month of July.
My birthday earlier in June was a good time to think about past frames of mind and beliefs. I remember how as kids growing up in the eighties and early nineties, we KNEW that the dawn of the next millennium will bring us the wonders of space travel, world peace and heaven on earth. As we began to realize how those we thought as friends, who rule the world, have other ideas about the future, and that we can forget heaven, that was the time when everything, even the shiny and alluring bit of cultural curiosity seemed to suddenly be dragging a long trail of sticky, gray slime of somber understanding about interests, damage and deadly consequences for one of the dwindling good, innocent or undeserving beings in the world.

Last week an article on one of the mainstream media channels celebrated the possibility of our near future bringing us the joy of wireless electricity. A brief mention of a similar invention by Tesla, preceding the article in 120 years with his wireless and free electricity explained how he was unsuccessful with his work, in contrast to our present day inventors, who will bring us their “invention”, together with the proper way for someone to make huge profit from it. June has taught me, once again, that profit, when attached to progress, just might not be our friend, maybe a short term lover with a cynical smile.

July Issue! So what do we have in here?

An interview with Yellow6, along with seven album reviews:

Aim Low – Foulards
Contemporary Noise Sextet – Ghostwriter’s Joke
Hypnoz – A Score for Iron Blues
Indelible – Remnants in Red
Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – Häxan
Rei Rea – Tarvine
Yellow6 – Close/r

Also – during June we got more information from mainstream media, not a good friend at all, with more and more droplets of reports about the severe situation at Fukushima’s nuclear reactors that suffered immense damage from the Earthquake in Japan last march. I am trying to keep in mind that while I am living my relatively safe life, away from that disaster (and closer to other disasters), some people are risking their lives on daily basis in order to save lives. We at CINYF! Have released a great quadruple, online album with wonderful artists, and all the money gathered from its sales go directly to one organization of amazing people, called JEARS, who donate their daily lives for locating, saving and recovering hurt animals in the Japanese disaster area. We can all help them a little from where we are, and we must not forget what they are still doing, when many of us have already forgotten about this disaster, and moved to a newer one.

Let us all go through this summer together as friends – CINYF!

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