Issue seven. August 1st. 2011

Culture is not your friend!

Issue seven. August 1st. 2011

I am sitting in my living room and writing these confused words, while listening to a recently discovered ministry’s cover for the late Amy Winehouse song ‘Rehab’. It’s Saturday and it’s a mere few hours before I have to go to a grieving over my beloved aunt, who passed away on the same day the reaper took the life from Winehouse. Both of them were buried on the same day and at the same cemetery, and on that day I took the time to sit and reflect about death and loss. A little (and maybe loose) adaptation has made my wandering mind consider an analogy to Walter Binjamin’s angel of history, who watches the eternal catastrophe piling up in front of his eyes, and see the world as an endlessly growing juggernaut of suffering and loss. Another artist I have listened to today, Louis CK, tells his laughing audience, in his own words and brilliant approach, that same things. “Most people are dead”, he says. “You are going to die, and then you will be dead for much longer than you were alive! You’re basically just dead people who didn’t die yet”.

However, bravely taking a way out of this doomed, dark and, yes, distorted approach, life is a journey onwards, and so our greatest of mistakes is constantly looking backwards in order to survey the road that is already behind us, instead of looking forward, where life really is. The future might not have history, but it can have a sensible arithmetic to it at as many points as there are points in which history completely matches the past. It does not have tradition, but it has predictions, and while the past harbors death, the future can only harbor life, even when they are brought into the wreckage of a world that we had created.

But let’s not chat about despair!

This month we gladly present an interview with Raymonde Howard, as well as album reviews by :

D’incise – Arpenter
Field rotation – Acoustic Tales
Les Modules Etranges – Turmoil
Majdanek Waltz and Sal Solaris – Tenebrae
Sankt Otten – Gottes Synthesizer
Spettro Family – Candelora
Yellow6 – Cut

That’s all folks! Feel free to contact us on facebook or through our email for
And say whatever is on your mind! It’s all love, it’s all love.

Enjoy this issue, see you all on September!

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