Issue eight. September 1st. 2011

Culture is not your friend!

Issue eight. September 1st. 2011

September will be forever connected to the historical, cultural big bang we all know as the events of 9/11. With history diverted from its course, by the hands of whoever was responsible for this fearful feat, it is hard to think about this month without seeing in the mind’s eye the determined approach of the airplane to the tower of history’s swansong. I remember that upon hearing the shocking news, some of my friends were convinced that we are on the event horizon of a brand new world war. In a way we were. In a way we are still there, in the eye of this global storm, which asks us with hidden malice and a fake smile to separate our enemies from our friends.

Ten years after, this separation, done for us by our rulers, is giving planet earth a new geopolitical landscape. With this slow, forced rapture, we blindly hope for a better tomorrow in a better world, while only a few of us actually believe this can happen.
The question (well, A question) is what does our future really brings, ten years from now and ten years from then. Is it fear that is going to govern our lives with self proclaimed monarchy, or are we going to break the bonds and cast this iron rule aside?

Until this future comes, another question can be asked – what do we have to offer you on this month’s edition of Culture is not your friend!?

An interview with Aidan Baker, as well as more album reviews, this time of:

Contagious Orgasm & Kadaver – A tragedy without a border line
Cyclotimia – Sci Fi Music
Fabio orsi – Light was the day
Kodiak – Kodiak
Le Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – Angry Teeth
Robin Guthrie – Emeralds
Second Family Band – Crippled Fingers

That’s all now! Feel free to contact us through emails or facebook and join our group on lastfm and we will see you once again next month!

Stay Friendly!

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