Issue nine. October 1st. 2011

Culture is not your friend!

Issue nine. October 1st. 2011

Maybe a storm is coming.
The rise of demonstrations and riots, from the well covered riots in the Muslim countries of the middle east, to the less covered demonstrations in Israel and the US, is perhaps foretelling about a change. While the results might prove to throw our world into an even less stable condition than before, it is still an important moment when mankind stands against oppression, be it in the form of violent totalitarian government, or a more smiling, even friendly looking, hyper capitalist regime. Maybe a change is coming, maybe not. But the thing that is already here is our understanding that more often than not, those above us are not our friends at all. This is a great start.

One thing that is coming for sure is December, and with it a number of celebrations, religious, spiritual and secular. After the late label Zaftig Research had stopped releasing its annual Christmas albums, perhaps it’s only natural for Culture is Not Your Friend! to continue this tradition.
We are asking from artists to contribute a track, 1-8 minute long, which relates to this festive occasion. It can be about Christmas, Hannuka, the coming winter. We all know, listen and make music that can be sinister and blasphemous, but this is the time to celebrate and rejoice. The musical limitations to this album as loose – anything from (post) industrial (no EBM please!), avant garde, experimental, ambient, drones, wierd/psych/apocalyptic folk, noise etc etc is welcome. Other genres are less likely to fit in this compilation. We are planning on releasing this album online, but in the future we hope to press physical copies as well. You can contact CINYF! via email for your tracks, do it quickly! the deadline for submissions is November 15th.

That’s it! please feel free to contact us through email or through Facebook, send us albums for reviews or let us know what you think.

Until next time –

Absent Without Leave – Faded Photographs
AUN – Phantom Ghost
David tagg – Return of the light
Kadaver / Djinn – Anti Human Life
Kinit Her – Living midnight at the Harvest Abbey
Ralf Rabendorn – Aschenflucht
Raymonde Howard – For all the bruises black eyes and peas
Various Artists – Luminance

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