Issue ten. November 1st. 2011

Culture is not your friend!

Issue ten. November 1st. 2011

Authority allows two roles: the torturer and the tortured. Twists people into joyless mannequins that fear and hate, while culture plunges into the abyss.”
― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

Few days ago Prince Charles revealed that he is a descendant to the infamous Vlad Dracula. This symbolic declaration fits beautifully with the rising tension of the vast majority against the ruling minority, bringing hope to a time in the near future when men and women will ask themselves why oh why they need a king or a queen in the 21th century. The future of this acknowledgement of class war shifts between a hopeful vision and a hopeless battle, an important step has already happened. Symbols are shattering. Let’s hope for all of them to crumble.

We are still open for Music submissions for an online Christmas compilation album. We are asking from artists to contribute a track, 1-8 minute long, which relates to this festive occasion. It can be about Christmas, Hannuka, the coming winter. We all know, listen and make music that can be sinister and blasphemous, but this is the time to celebrate and rejoice. The musical limitations to this album as loose – anything from (post) industrial (no EBM please!), avant garde, experimental, ambient, drones, wierd/psych/apocalyptic folk, noise etc etc is welcome. Other genres are less likely to fit in this compilation. We are planning on releasing this album online, but in the future we hope to press physical copies as well. You can contact CINYF! via email for your tracks, do it quickly! The deadline for submissions is November 15th.

Remember remember…

On this issue we have :

Hadar – Mishmaat
Le Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – Kiss me, I’m your Guru!
Omega Massif – Karpatia
Pwin ▲▲ Teaks – Aoxomoxoa
SeaLight – Dead Letters
Wormsblood – Black and white art for man and beast

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