Issue eleven. December 1st. 2011

Culture is not your friend!

Issue eleven. December 1st. 2011

The refreshing cold winds of December are almost upon me as I write these short lines. I was given the dreams about the end of the universe and the fundamental lines of theology in these last days of November, as a brief guide to the closure of this year, and now, like every passing year, I have the 12th month left to project my thoughts and will forward to the future in days to come.
We have six more reviews on this issue, and I personally hope you will go through them and give them a listen. This month had a nice musical batch in it, so don’t miss it!

A Wake a Week – Through Line
Kadaver/The Vault – Noir Seasons
Kryptogen Randfunk – Live 2005
Rose Croix – Rose Croix
TeenageSinTaste – Sunday Lights E.P
The Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – The Sudoku Masquerade E.P

Good news! You will hear from us once again this month, when we will release a Culture is not your friend compilation for the Winter holidays on the 25th! We have gathered some great, new tracks by some very good people on an online album, in the hope that next year, should we survive the final draw of the curtains on the world; we will have a physical copy of our next compilation to offer. So be sure to remember us on the 25th (you can have that day with your family and friends and come back to us the day after, that’s ok) to hear what we have for you. It’s going to be well worth waiting for!

In the meantime, all love from this headquarters, and remember that Walmart is not your friend!

See you in a new CINYF! issue on January 2012 at the dawn of the apocalypse.

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