Issue thirteen. February 1st 2012

Culture is not your friend!

Issue thirteen. February 1st 2012

I am not really someone who remembers dates, and in fact, at some debates with friends I find myself actually opposing the memory of past dates, yet it was a nice, gentle surprise to discover, upon browsing through past entries on the CINYF! Page, that it has been a full year since this webzine had its first steps. We have gathered some new friends and tightened our friendship with some old ones, and we did some nice things together, and hopefully will do some more in the future (the things we did were created in the shadow of a great crisis; let’s hope for a brighter opportunity this time).
So here’s for another year, at least, of unfriending culture. Be sure to check out our winter compilation, and if you like, purchase it for a low price. This release is digital, but we want to make the next one physical with the help of your purchases.

No one year celebration, just moving on with our work. We might celebrate soon if we feel like it, and we will make sure it will be worthwhile.

Adrian Aniol – Arrhythmia OST
Eepocampe – When things go abstract
Emme Ya – Erotognosis
Murmer – Specular reflection (liquid solid redux 2000-2010)
Petrels – Haeligewielle
Povoravo – Tchernovik
Toundra – II
Visions from Oniria – The Last 3 Lines

Friendship ∞

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