Issue fifteen – April 1st 2012

Culture is not your friend!

Issue fifteen – April 1st 2012

The swift change from selling music albums in stores, to downloading music to the computer changed more than the medium of acquiring the art, but also the way in which people treat the creation of the artists they like. The concept of the album was replaced by the shuffling of the tracks. I think it started when the internet was slow and you could not wait for an entire album to be downloaded, and nowadays the reasons for this are numerous, especially within the pop culture.
While indeed very useful and helpful, Soundcloud made the dissection of the body of work even more extreme, as remarks by listeners are being left on as captions on the track, pointing out specific moments within this one track.
Perhaps this is the cost of the almost infinite availability of music today, as the more the spectrum is widening, the more microscopic the view actually becomes; generally, not always.

Be sure to check our online album (all of it!) in here, and we hope you enjoy our latest batch of reviews.

Bersarin Quartet – II
Circulation of Light – Twilit Homeland
Holism Gaea – Four Stages of endarkment
laGrandine – Questo e per I tuoi occhi
Lust for Youth – Solar Flare
Will Guthrie – Sticks, stones and Breaking Bones

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