Issue seventeen – June 1st 2012

Culture is not your friend!

Issue seventeen – June 1st 2012

Mankind has always worshipped animals. Since our fall from nature and exile in culture, we have recognized the wild life to be perfect and a subject for our admiration. Our gods were animals, our heroes bore animal titles and our peasants feared the wild eyes that lurked in the nearby forests. Animals around us do not need history. They do not need traditions. They do not need anything we have been working so hard to acquire, and instead they enjoy, unknowingly, a veil of mystery in our jealous, jealous eyes.

One more thing the wildlife does not hold is bitterness. We, in turn, have grown bitter, watching our self deceit regarding our self proclaimed superiority crumble. We have grown bitter watching what we thought was a heaven that we built, turning into hell. And in our bitterness and anger, we sought vengeance. Mankind then created more and more myths in order to justify the mass murder and torture of all wild and domestic wildlife. Culture has shown that the second best can turn to be the best if the competition is eliminated. It worked for capitalism; if it can work for the entire living world. That might be the popular opinion, but the grim reality, in both cases, is that it cannot.

Since human pride forbids repenting, days will come, scores will be settled and outcomes will be revealed. Culture does not permit free things, and the illusion of the ability to freely kill will be shattered to pieces.

Compass hour – Compass hour
Devianz – A corps Interrompus
Kshatriy – Transforming Galaxy
Nu depth – Sl4ve 2 †h3 r4v3
Skin area – Rothko Field
Wreathes – Wreathes

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