Issue eighteen – July 1st 2012

Culture is not your friend!

Issue eighteen – July 1st 2012

In the eyes of those who follow TV shows, I have proven myself not to follow the pulse of this media. However, I have just now finished watching the entire House series. Don’t worry, no spoilers in here, but I do want to share some of my disturbing thoughts about this series, along with many other shows you can now watch on TV or through the internet. Through the eight seasons of this program, which is indeed programming people, assuming the quotes from the anti hero that appear on facebook after each episode can serve as affirmations to the claim that this show affects people.
You learn that friends should not be trusted, that the system, cruel and unforgiving as it is, should be considered the authority and should be given all the credit even when its actions are illegal. You learn that it is funny when a doctor treats people like garbage. You feel superior together with him. I saw a doctor earlier last month and he was one of the most repulsive people I have ever met. That was not funny at all, not for a second.

TV can sometimes (rarely) be a great entertainer, but it is always a colossal instructor. We can enjoy some of the things it has to offer, but we should always see through them as well, and count in our heads how many successful shows are currently running, and how many of them put mankind beneath the importance of greed or corrupt system, just in case.

A dead forest index – Antique
Corvuz – Невидимые Пейзажи
Kinit Her – Mosaic of the Hyacinths
Nobuto Suda – Twillight garden
Superbugger – Aku
Various – Boulevard Celine Dion

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