Issue nineteen – August 1st 2012

Culture is not your friend!

Issue nineteen – August 1st 2012

Six and a half years ago I began a musical journey through a project to which I dedicated most of my musical efforts. It all began with a drawing by a friend of mine, actually, and it took us to great places. It is a strange feeling to finally let it rest, after trying to revive it numerous times, only to watch it collapse again. The final moment of decision, the understanding that there will probably not be another album, show or even sound researching in the name of this band is a moment of clarity, for another path to be taken. It’s not necessarily a sad decision; it can also fuel the mind with positive motivation for the future. I now know that new path and taking my first musical steps on it.

The infinite number of bands and projects in the realms of underground or extreme music (and any other genre) also means infinite closures on such projects. I wonder what the reasons are for other artists when they stop making music under a certain title. Perhaps it is the name that sets the path for the music (or the belief that this is how it works), perhaps it’s just the need for a fresh new start.

This month we have –

7MON, tn666, SIST EN 343 – s/t
Aidan Baker , Leah Buckareff ‎– Breathing heavy breathing
Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers – Drone is in the blood
David Velez – Alku
Les modules etranges – Socially awkward
Saffronkeira – A new life

We are already planning the next Christmas compilation by Culture is not your friend! if you’re interested in contributing a track, please send a file or a physical cd to the address written in the “about” section.

Our favorite genres are anything within the Dark ambient – (post) industrial – noise spectrum, plus various Drone combinations and psych/apocalyptic folk. Electro/EBM is not our thing.

It’s one hell of a hot July/August, but this way we can almost feel the coming Christmas winter!

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