Issue twenty – September 1st 2012

Culture is not your friend!

Issue twenty – September 1st 2012

The year cycle, like any cycle, has infinite starting and ending points, and not just the New Year’s Eve as a marker for a brand new year to come. On a personal, subjective point of view, the birthday of a person marks an equally important beginning of a year, and if we want to stay on a more global marks, then for children at least, and even parents, September is a very important marker for the beginning of a new year, which is being started with the first walk to school, and more important, being ended with two months of summer break. As a teacher, it took me a while to get used to this counting and now, to me, this is a much more practical method of keeping track over years going by. This is the beginning of a year that is being dedicated to do our best so that children will grow to be an even slightly better people than ourselves. It’s an endless and hard work, but when results are shown, this work finally reveals itself as a worthy and important one, even if not valued too much by society and culture.

Having said that, let’s not forget the coming dawn of 2013, and the holidays that come just before it. We are looking for artists who would like to submit a track our next Christmas compilation album, so feel free to contact us with music that lies somewhere between dark ambient, drones, freak/apocalyptic/ur/folk, (post) industrial music and noise. No club music please, no matter how dark, it’s just not our thing.

Eolomea – Eolomea
Kinit Her – Storm of radiance
lovesliescrushing – Glinter
MWVM – Had Yr Pash
PacificUV – Weekends
Pleq + Hiroki Sasajima – Witch-Hunt

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