Issue twenty one – October 1st 2012

Culture is not your friend !

Issue twenty one – October 1st 2012

There is a little piece of broken nature in the middle of the city next to the house where my girlfriend lives. I take our dogs for a walks among the trees, and while they go on with their business, I spend the time examining the different paths that run between the trees, looking for lost feathers and other gifts from the animal lives who own the little forest while the moon is up.

Among these creatures are the Jackals. I used to see them from afar, as they would run away from me, but we have come to a certain amount of trust between them and me, and now I can come as close as four meters from these wolf like creatures. When they howl at night, I am mesmerized by how insane they sound. There is a broken jaw bone of one of their ancestors in the middle of this forest and I sometime go there just to check he or she is still there.

Hopefully soon I will be able to record their howling songs and let these creatures be heard among mankind as they cry once again for another night of taking over the sleepy culture that has engulfed them from all sides. As they run into the city streets sometimes in order to get food from street corners, I can’t help but admire these thieves, creatures of the night. In the early morning, when I see them run back into the woods, I bid them good bye, until their next raid.

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