Issue twenty two – November 1st 2012

Culture is not your friend!

Issue twenty two – November 1st 2012

The violent thunderstorms outside remind me that winter is finally coming, and that soon I will be able to enjoy the weather and my cups of tea once again. It seems like my life is almost freezing down to a point of complete halt during summertime, and as Autumn slowly crawls in, I am filled with energy again, and that is good, like they say. My cat thinks the same, as she was definitely more energetic during the last few days. Judging by how my legs look like because of her, this might be less good, but you can’t complain.

I got the chance to catch up with few releases I never got my hands on since the time they were released, not that long ago. The first is the Ministry DVD, Adios Puta Madres, and the second is Skinny puppy’s Handover. Both, in their own ways, are wonderfully energetic. They are not being reviewed in here, but they are highly rec commended.

It’s time to remind you for the last chance to send us material for the upcoming Christmas compilation, which is going to be fantastic according to the material we already have. Drones, Noises, Post Industrial, Esoteric folk, Dark ambient, Dark Psychedelic and everything in between is welcomed. Please do not send E.B.M or electro tracks. They might be amazing, but not to our taste.

See you in December, waiting for the world to end.

Celer – Rags of Contentment
Chagas and Schafer – Scalping The Wraith
Loopool – As Dionysis
The infant Cycle – Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012)
The nest – Music for Drivers
The opium warlords – We meditate under the pussy in the sky

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