Issue twenty three – December 1st 2012

Culture is not your friend!


Issue twenty three – December 1st 2012

Two intense events’ each in its own different realm of influence, took place this month.
In yet another senseless, stupid and sorrowful battle between Palestine and Israel, where many were wounded and many died, as they do every time, it was hard to maintain and even remember there is a normal way to live your life. I can’t even imagine how life goes on for the Palestinian citizens but I know that for the first time, this tension took a direct place on my personal life as well. It’s not a common view, to see two missile flying high above the head in the middle of the city to the sound of the alarm. One of these missiles was an interception missile which successfully destroyed the other one right above my head. It’s a surreal thing to witness, and it’s even more surreal to go on with your day right after that.

Few days later I got a severe ear infection, which left me almost deaf for more than a week. How scary it is, to lose such an essential ability when all of one’s life revolve around listening and hearing, making music and writing about it. Now that I can hear again, I know to be thankful for what I took for granted, and even ruined a little with high volumes.

So unfortunately, on this month, there are fewer reviews on CINYF!. We will be back for a Christmas gift, and with full power at the dawn of 2013, unless the world collapses before.

Burial Hex – Will Kindly Old Lazarus Let me Back Out Again?
Listening Mirror – On the passing of Chavela
Thirdorgan / Phoresy – Split

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