Issue twenty four – January 1st 2013

Culture is not your friend!


Issue twenty four – January 1st 2013

David Thrussell’s words made it clear on that wonderful album from 2001, titled ‘The Voices of Reason’, of how oil, the fundamental element of everything we know or do today, is also the remains of ancient biological eras and empires that preceded us. Needless to say, he wasn’t the first, but when he told that little story he made sure the listener understands how fuel is not also made out of the dead, but also out of their history and memory. Oil, I would like to add, is the perfect necromancy magic being in that sense of thinking, and a perfect self fulfilling, eternal and constant tragedy.

Sucked from the belly of the earth, the liquid essence of ancient death is what humanity is led to use in order to animate an otherwise inanimate object and bring it to temporary life. How fitting it is, then, the almost invisible price we pay for this grand feat. Oil brings diseases that thrive in cancerous cells it awakens in our bodies. it changes and corrupts our breathing. It glues as to the television sets as we watch in horror and witness it contaminating our oceans and killing every living being it touches; Yet we fight for it and kill for it as the ancient liquid essence of death demands more death for its service, making us the fuel for its existence and diffusion from the underground to the surface and back into the dark layers deep beneath our feet.

Arktau Eos – Ioh Maera
Artificial Memory Trace – Chitin
End of Silence – Auditorium
Holism Gaea – Blakesian Williamness
Mira Drevo – Heavens of lakes
Noxroy – Live at Prolo
Saison de Rouille – Caduta dei Gravi

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