Issue twenty five – February 1st 2013

Culture is not your friend!


Issue twenty five – February 1st 2013

In my meditation I take my headphones and prepare a suitable piece of music to escort me into the unspeakable. I lie on my back with my eyes below the yellow light bulb that comes down from our ceiling and I close my eyes. When the eyes are closed my brain starts sending me the well known, colorful after images and as I am seeing them flooding my consciousness with vivid, yet completely obscure visions I train myself not to be overwhelmed by them.

I draw my will and I concentrate on those images without mentally blinking and losing my grasp on this specter world of colors. It is a feat of total concentration through which images form in my mind. Through this act of conjuration I create images from the abstract; Images with no comprehendible origin. First there is chaos and then a message is created. Once, on a moment of total tuning with this abstract sea of ideas, I found myself not in front of a two dimensional vision, but in the middle of a new three dimensional space. A great, water filled hall of multi layered, fractal, and Escher-like elevation of dark green leaves was swirling around me. How does this experience end? With my will growing thin as the music dies out and this heterotopia returns to its’ primordial state of abstract colors, just one step from nothingness. Tomorrow I will go there again.

Arktau Eos – Unworeldes
Blitzkrieg Baby – Porcus Norvegicus
Decimus – S/t
Hitoshires – Stella
How Much Wood Would A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? – S/t
Wedding – On beyond Yuggoth

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