Issue twenty seven – April 1st 2013

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Issue twenty seven

Issue twenty seven – April 1st 2013

When the ground shook and finally tore apart the high citadels of nuclear power.
Through misty hints about the unwanted and practically horrifying exodus of the old, yet effective black plague of radioactivity that glided from the broken shores of Japan to the United States, I have started thinking about the way this curse spreads. That was a long time ago, and since then we heard rumors, hidden from prime time TV and spoken only by those who themselves tried to believe that these words coming out from their mouth are not true, that the disaster has set its branches to every point on planet earth by now. There is a romantic essence to this apocalypse, in a way, but we all hope this is not true, perhaps because it is not bombastic enough in terms of how nuclear catastrophes should occur.

Another memory surfaced my mind lately, and that is of the great people who dedicated and risked their lives in order to help those that got the least help in this memorable catastrophe. Animals that were left to die in the danger zones were saved by people with stories to tell about all hope lost and then regained by those wonderful creatures we know to exploit so well, and from where we sit, in our safe (for now) houses, all we could do is praise these life savers. Back then we made a quadruple compilation album, available for free listening and purchase, with all the money going directly to the organization that is in charge of helping these animals. While their work around this specific even has ended, you can always connect and see what the people of JEARS (Japan Earthquake animal rescue and support) are doing and if they need any help. The album can be listened to for free, and if you feel like helping them out, you can buy it. We hope you like this great album, after all of this time, we are still proud by this accomplishment and how it helped others. enjoy –

Banabila & Machinefabriek – Banabila & Machinefabriek
Chagas and Schafer – Gesture to the declining sun
Ef – Delusions of Grandeur
IA – Peak of Anchorite
Lens – Oneiricist Dubs
Venowl – Gnawed Gristle and Bone

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