Issue twenty eight – May 1st 2013

Culture is not your friend!

Issue twenty eight

Issue twenty eight – May 1st 2013

It’s strange, how events unfold between people and animals some times. We here on CINYF! work from Canada and Israel, and in the past few days we had our lives interact with surprising, helpless friends. An injured Racoon appeared in where one of us is feeding the cats in the streets of Montreal, while a diseased pigeon searched for help under my parking car in Israel.

We cheat death this way, a little bit of generosity makes death stand away. But in the end death comes, later if not sooner. Wild animals have a mark of Cain on their heads in cities. Few will help them. In Canada the Urban Animal Advocates did not give too much help, while in Israel many bystanders ignored the pigeon and moved on. The racoon appeared, ate and disappear when no help could arrive, only to be found dead in the next days. The pigeon was more lucky in our home, so we thought, until tonight she gave her last breath, in my arms, to the soul keeper. One thing that makes me feel better is how I saw with my own eyes how suffering and ill breathing turns within a brief second to a silent and peaceful eternal rest. See you on the fields of the wildlands on the other side, friends.

Greg Haines – Where we were
Keith Howden, Matt Howden – Barley Top
North Atlantic Drift – monuments
Pelt – The Eighth day, the eleventh month, the two-thousand & twelfth year
Silencio – Floods

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