Issue thirty – July 1st 2013

Culture is not your friend!


Issue thirty – July 1st 2013

We live next to the thin end of a small forest. if you manage to ignore the various pieces of garbage left in spots on the edge of this shore of green, living sea, there is so much beauty to it at the break of dawn, before it turns back into the realm of human visitors. In the morning you can see crows, pigeons and passers collecting food from the ground. You can spot some of these Passers doing sand baths to their small bodies as well, a sight that can bring a smile to every face. far above them, on the edge of the trees, green Parakeets are warming their tiny throats with loud chats among themselves. Over the edge of this small forest, back in the city, a large group of cats form. They sit still, ignorant to birds, as they wait for the human who comes every morning and brings them food.

There is a low sand hill, covered with thick green bushes, where a single Jackal sits. there are hundreds of his kind in this forest. I have seen them, heard them and recorded their cries. but in the early hour of the morning, he is sitting there on top of the hill, watching over the birds and the trees. He is watching me watching him from afar. I wish we can one
day sit together and gaze into the green.

AUN – Alpha Heaven
Kadaver – Self destruction ritual
Kshatriy – From Heart to Heart
Night Sins – New Grave
Sparkle Poison – S/T

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