Issue thirty one – August 1st 2013

Culture is not your friend!


Issue thirty one – August 1st 2013

It’s too hot to even think about anything productive, and Between the two months, July is
much more merciful than the hostile descent of August. I have begun reading the book ‘Dune’ again, after a long while, and by doing so I have figured out it is not a good idea to imagine any kind of desert when you yearn for a cool autumn breeze in your painful heart.

So enough is enough. I am hereby closing the thick book, and announcing once again about our annual Christmas compilation and, more important at this stage, about asking artists to send one track for this compilation album. We accept unreleased tracks in every genre between the eerie dark ambients, through drones and finally to noise. Doom, Industrial music, noise rock, psych folk, ritual music and their relatives are also welcome, but please no EBM. We just don’t like it.

Please send us tracks until November 15th so I can try and imagine winter while listening to them.

Summer is not my friend!

Kinit Her – The Cavern Stanzas
Lakes – Blood of the grove
Loopool – Navigator’s Spicetrance
Shalabi Effect, thisquietarmy, .cut featuring Gibet – 3X3 – Series Two – Volume Three
Various artists – Art of the muses – An experimental Music Compilation featuring Ten Female Composers from Far East Asia
Violence – Reptile

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