Issue thirty four – November 1st 2013

Culture is not your friend!


Issue thirty four – November 1st 2013

The first heavy rain for this winter has struck me with full power when I was standing outside and demonstrating with many other animal rights activists. It was a blessing, a process of cleansing, as the dust is being washed away from the air. Just few hours earlier we were performing as Mystagogue, celebrating the release our debut full length album, and the same feeling of release, cleansing, was there, at that moment, as well.

So, for me at least, in a place where winter is not so intense, the arrival of November means a new, wonderful and refreshing beginning, which comes with some very interesting releases that were sent to me. I hope you find them rewarding as well.

As Deafness Increases – S/T
Lana Trio – Lana Trio
Thisquietarmy – Hex Mountains

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