Issue thirty five – December 1st 2013

Culture is not your friend!


Issue thirty five – December 1st 2013

The year is coming to an end, and I think it was a good year, considering the new albums I got to listen to during 2013.

But considering everything else but music, it is almost a cliche to realize how fast humanity, in the name of progress, is sliding down the drain.The most important fact that we have to acknowledge is that we are actively creating a world that is going to be harder and harder for our children to live in, and we are doing this out of self indulgence and laziness.

I had the pleasure to sit in a local TEDx conference and listen to stories of good people who do amazing things in order to start and heal the insane damage that we are doing to Gaia. On that conference I met people who flew to the other side of the world, literally saving entire villages by giving them a modest but sustainable method of clean energy, and people who led wonderful acts of breaking in and occupying corrupt initiatives that had threatened the environment, successfully driving them back to the drawing board.

But none of them said, or even realized, that the reason for this wave of corruption of the earth and of our bodies and hearts comes from our belief in the myth that this world belongs to us like a toy belonging to a baby who might break it. None of them understood that the problem is the almost religious way in which we believe that we own the planet that was here long before we, arrogant creatures, came into being.

The end of the year is always a great moment to think about the future, about what we are doing and about the world that we are leaving for our children. 2014 must be a year when we finally decide to act, rather than close our eyes and hope for the best. We can start doing this even on December 2013.

Visit us again on Christmas, as we release our annual Christmas album online! We have some great artists and music on this release!

AUN – Turquoise
Christian Winther & Christian Meaas Svendsen – W/M
Ensemble Economique – Interval Sounds
Ralf Rabendorn – Exile
Testphasen Negativ – The Final Hours

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