Christmas Is Not Your Friend – Volume Three : a Culture Is Not Your Friend! Winter compilation out now !


The first time someone has released my music was on an annual Christmas album that was an ongoing tradition for the label ‘Zaftig Research‘. Now gone, I am happy to continue the label’s tradition with our own ‘Christmas is not your friend!‘ holiday compilation. Celebration is an important costume, but to me the beginning of a new year is a time to think about the next 364 days, and about how we should spend them in order to make this ugly world a better place.

When I first wrote about the upcoming compilation, I got scared that maybe no one will send us music for this online release, and I am happy, thrilled! To declare I was wrong. We have a great double album, with wonderful names and wonderful music in it.

I would like to thank the few people who help me with this project (both the compilation and the webzine itself!), knowing myself all to well, I know I would never have got to write for CINYF! For three years now. I owe many thanks to them, to the labels that send me music, to artists who send me their music both for reviewing and for the different compilations we made so far, and well, yeah, the readers who visit this page are the ones who make it happen as well. You can’t write too much when no one is reading, so thank you!

Hope you enjoy this holiday album; see you soon as the pages turn over the year 2013. One year closer to the end!

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