Issue thirty seven – February 1st 2014

Culture is not your friend!


Issue thirty seven – February 1st 2014

About five years ago I took diving lessons that gave me a brief, yet amazing introduction to the rich world that exists underwater. I have seen many wonderful sights, and I have met many wonderful creatures. the strangest of them, in my eyes, at least, was not a specific creature, but rather a community.

There were about 50 small goldfish who were living inside a small ship that was sunk in order to become an attraction for divers. These fish were living on and near it, completely unremarkable except for the fact they were living upside down. they were swimming on their backs, from our own point of view, at least, and spent their lives with their belly towards the sky and back towards the ground.

I found this amazing, how these beings are living their life in blatant contradiction to everybody else around them, not knowing, not caring, just upside down.

Don’t forget these two wonderful albums for you to listen to and perhaps purchase! the first is Free Kittens and the second is, of course – Christmas is not your friend Volume Three. We, at least, are your friends. See you next month.

Bardo Senetic Cube – Game Over?
Exit in Grey – Shadows of Stillness
Machinefabriek – Attention the doors are closing
Sal Solaris – Die Scherben
Sieben – Each Divine Spark

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