Issue thirty eight – March 1st 2014

Culture is not your friend!

Issue thirty eight

Issue thirty eight – March 1st 2014

Watching the four dogs, who live with us in our apartment, as they sleep can ignite tiny pieces of jealousy. It’s not that they can sleep while I am working that makes me narrow my eyes at them in bitter grudge, but it’s their relative freedom and carefree living. The four of them were rescues from possible or immediate death, yet now I am not sure they even know what fear is. I am not sure if the life of a dog is what we want to have ourselves, as we can’t afford to lose all of the technological pampering that has brought us to where we are in the first place, yet with everything we got, we have all the reasons we can get in order to be able to worry about the future which we bring upon ourselves.

Leon rooke wrote – “Dog? Being a dog? What is the point, then?”, yet in our belief about the lack of purpose in not being human, we do tend to forget about the destruction of destiny and the destruction of any reasonable aim for a safe future that has become the manifestation of the term “being human” nowadays.

March has begun! Let’s hear it from the following projects :

Bardoseneticcube – AmbiWax
Caught in the Wake Forever – False Haven
Ich Bin N!ntendo – Look
Sec_ – Outflow
The Infant Cycle – Posthumousness Now
Various artists – 15 shades of white

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