Issue fourty two – July 1st 2014

Culture is not your friend!

Issue fifty one

Issue fourty two – July 1st 2014

Three months ago we had a special event, where ten lectures were given about all sorts of aspects of animal liberation and vegan lifestyle. Since most of us come from the battle for animal liberation, I think that the most refreshing lecture was of a friend who talked about the immediate threat to the environment that non vegan diet is, giving everybody a perspective about a more global catastrophe that we are responsible for.

I am adding my own short lecture, about a brief philosophy of the discussion about animal liberation. It is in Hebrew, but there are subtitles available in English.

We have some really good albums on our shelf this month !

Here they are :

Chvad SB – Crickets Were the Compass
Cyclotimia – The Invisible Hand of Market / Oil and Gas Colony
Heroin in Tahiti – Peplum
Loopool – Applies pressure
Matthew Collings – Silence is a rhythm too
Various Artists – Ave Atque Vale – A Dark and folk compilation

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