Issue fourty three – August 1st 2014

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fourty three – August 1st 2014

It’s that time again, as missiles, bombs and rockets are making their cursed ways across the borders where we live. Not only do they bring death and fear, they also bring questions. Questions about us people, and those who lead or command us. It’s insulting and tiring to hear over and over again how you are being hated by normal people like you on the other side of the border. If it doesn’t kill or hurt you, it drains your mental energy completely.

Our dogs are terrified from the alarms and from the sounds of distant explosion. We know, in a way, what is going on, but they have absolutely no idea – No idea why they are being afraid. Us humans, we fight for the most stupid and insane reasons, and we drag other beings into these battles that we made up. Selfish, arrogant us.

Collapse under the empire – Sacrifice & Isolation
Living Room – Stasis
Saison De Rouille ‎– Déroutes Sans Fin
Tetuzi Akiyama & Anla Courtis – Naranja Songs
Troy Schafer – Survey of a Broken Recorder
Uhushuhu – Long songs Pleasant for Hearing

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