Issue fourty four – September 1st 2014

Culture is not your friend!

Issue fifty three

Issue fourty four – September 1st 2014

It’s time once again! We call all musicians for our annual mission to compose a new compilation for the coming holidays, be it whatever you celebrate around the month of December. If you’re a new reader of this blog, we have released several great compilation albums that are available for online listening and possible purchase. You can find those compilations here :

Christmas Is Not Your Friend – Volume Three
Christmas Is Not Your Friend – Volume Two
Christmas Is Not Your Friend

and also this one!

Noises for Japan – Sustain | Rebuild

So what do we ask for? Any track of 2-8 minutes, of any genre that can be placed between (Neo/apocalyptic) folk, through ambient, drones, Industrial, psychedelic, noise rock, doom, stoner and Noise. Send us a file with few words about yourself and about the music by November 15th, and we will choose the tracks we find the most fitting for our upcoming compilation. All tracks must be unreleased yet.

See you in October, here are the reviews we have for this month :

Kerretta – Pirohia
MAI MAI MAI – Δέλτα (Delta)
Mira Drevo – Islands
Nun – Nun
Period – 2
Troy Schafer – Untitled No.1

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