Issue fourty eight – January 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fourty eight – January 1st 2015

The cycle goes around again.

Just last night I was talking to this great guy, a historian, who happens to have a completely different set of opinions about society and how it should look in the near future. We talked about immortality through technology, and the end of the fear of natural death. less optimistic than him, I tried to point out different social, economical and most of all – ecological problems we will have to find solution to, and we had our discussion.

When I asked how immortal life will look like on the day to day basis, he did explain something interesting. Life will stop being linear and start being circular. Circular work-retirement, circular education, circular relationships.

Circle instead of a line.

So here is to another circle going around. Let’s hope and make it a good one.

.cut | St. Onge – Self Titled
Fallopian Disco Force – Black Larvenroller
Svarta Stugan – Aspects of our future selves
(((Witxes))) & Dale Coper Quartret and the Dictaphones – Split
Zbigniew Karkowski – Live in Lyon

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