Issue fifty – March 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fifty – March 1st 2015

The most sobering feeling, and the most needed one in our culture, is the humbling understanding of our place in the universe. We have already ruined our own world, but the affect of other stellar bodies can bring us back from our egoistic ivory towers, where we worship ourselves and mock all that is not human. The upcoming solar eclipse on March 20th is a harmless, yet important moment of darkness upon the scorching, radiating light of humanity. For a few moments we will stop everything and stand in awe in front of the silent darkness, holding our eyes to the sky once again, like in ancient times.

For few moments we will realize once again that things we take for granted can be taken from us or simply vanish.

Until then, here is what we have this month –

Oiseaux-Tempete – Re-works
Russel/ Beresford/ Edwards/ Liavik Solberg – Will it Float?
Sound Awakener – September Traveler

Also – Don’t forget our special Christmas album, available for listening and possible purchase. Enjoy!

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