Issue fifty one – April 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fifty one – April 1st 2015

April is upon us, and with it – spring has arrived. This is the time to put the finger on the pulse of the earth and follow possible future shifts in climate change. We have many reasons to be worried about these changes and the difficult time they might bring upon us, and if anything, this should be a punishment for mankind’s lack of motivation to really act and change the ways things work in our culture. Is pointing at a possible future disaster a positive thing to do? The fact that we are getting tired and bored from such warnings only shows we need to stop dreaming and wake up. We all know about Monsanto, we all know about hyper capitalism and we all know about the animal holocaust and with it – the ecological disaster it brings. One of the best thing we can do in this culture is to just say NO and refuse taking part in as many roads of suffering as we can.

Here are the reviews for April:

A.T.M.O.M. – Andromeda
Eric Boivin + fourthousandblackbirds – untitled/revisited
Ogni Videniy – Sounding Emptiness

See you next month!

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