Issue fifty three – June 1st 2015

Culture is not your friend!


Issue fifty three – June 1st 2015

Final transmission.

This coming June will be the last month of CINYF!’s scheduled reviews. On one hand this is a saddening decision, but on the other hand this is indeed a decision that will grant me more time for new projects I am taking. While I keep for myself the right to come back to writing reviews at any given month or day, for now this break has no scheduled end, and may last forever.

Petrels – Flailing Tomb
Satan is my Brother – They Made Us Climb Up Here
Sieben – Lietuva E.P

Culture might not be my friend, but I got to meet some friends through this platform over the years, and I am very thankful for this. Above all, I would like to thank my friend Albérick for helping me out with this project.

We might be gone now, but you will be able to find us next christmas, with another compilation for the holidays. Nothing really totally dies!

Culture is not our friend. Culture does not respect life. We need to respect life, both of fellow humans and, more importantly, of non humans. The life of someone innocent is more important than our own ego.

Over and out.


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