Christmas Is Not Your Friend – Volume Six : a Culture Is Not Your Friend! Winter compilation out now !


No one can deny that 2016 wasn’t a good year at all, from politics and other movements throughout the world, to the mass killing of important and inspiring people around the world. The question is this: was 2016 just a bad year, or is it merely just another step on our way down?

It is this festive time of the year to remind us that, putting cynicism aside, we are here to help each other and make this world and all of its inhabitants better. The holidays are not an opportunity to do so, but a reminder to be the change we ask for, and to act throughout the year.

We have gathered some great music on this holiday compilation, with or without a Christmas spirit, and we hope that you all enjoy it. when the holidays end, go out and act where you want a change. There is no government, there is no culture and there are no costumes. There is only us, humans and non humans, asking to be alive, safe and free.

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