Christmas Is Not Your Friend – Volume Nine : a Culture Is Not Your Friend! Winter compilation out now !

What a year! What a catastrophe! What a global change! 

While for many it is certainly (and naturally) a time for reflection on the past year; on the distance between our plans and the unfolding reality, and yes – after a long year of hiatus on our part, we are happy, under the complicated circumstances, to offer our holiday musical shelter once again. 

When we decided to release our annual compilation album for the holidays, whatever they may be for you, we had no idea how big and generous it is going to be. As if a symbolic compensation for our absence last year (if anybody cared at all), we are happy to present a 25 tracks long album for you to enjoy for free (and you can still pay, if you choose to!). 

“Culture is not your Friend” was an online music review website, which evolved into an annual compilation release for the holidays. We wish you a great year ahead – a year of recovery if recovery is needed, and of growth. We hope you enjoy our album!

Oren, 2020 

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