Culture is not your friend!

Taking the name from the bold declaration by the immortal Terrence Mckenna as an inspiration, “Culture Is Not Your Friend!” is an online music magazine that focuses itself on music that escapes the center, the mainstream, the culture.

CINYF! Is a monthly release of interviews and album reviews. Our musical focus varies, as we try to get our hands on, and thus promote, as many artists as possible. In the past we at CINYF! Used to write and interview for local web-zines,as well as bigger ones, and now we are willing to take an independent step in order to fully express our thoughts with the reader.

Artists or labels who want their albums to be reviewed, feel free to send a physical format to:

Oren Ben-Yosef
#9 Nachshon St.
44447 Kfar Saba

For further information or an interview proposal, please contact us here : isnotyourfriend @ gmail . com

CINYF!. Your friends.