Arktau Eos – Ioh Maera
Artificial Memory Trace – Chitin
End of Silence – Auditorium
Holism Gaea – Blakesian Williamness
Mira Drevo – Heavens of lakes
Noxroy – Live at Prolo
Saison de Rouille – Caduta dei Gravi


7MON, tn666, SIST EN 343 – s/t
A dead forest index – Antique
Adrian Aniol – Arrhythmia OST
Aidan Baker , Leah Buckareff ‎– Breathing heavy breathing
Alexandre St-Onge / Pier-Emmanuel Tremblay – Split
Baldruin – Nachfalter
Bersarin Quartet – II
Blueneck – Epilogue
Blueneck – Repeatitions
Brian John Mitchell & Andrew Weathers – Drone is in the blood
Burial Hex – Will Kindly Old Lazarus Let me Back Out Again?
Celer – Rags of Contentment
Chagas and Schafer – Scalping The Wraith
Circulation of light – Acheiropoieta
Circulation of Light – Twilit Homeland
Compass hour – Compass hour
Corvuz – Невидимые Пейзажи
David Velez – Alku
Devianz – A corps Interrompus
Dream Affair – Endless Days
Eepocampe – When things go abstract
Eolomea – Eolomea
Hakobune – Believed remains
His Electro Blue Voice – Dead Sons
Holism Gaea – Four Stages of endarkment
King Dude – Tonight’s slow death
Kinit Her – Mosaic of the Hyacinths
Kinit Her – Storm of radiance
Kshatriy – Transforming Galaxy
laGrandine – Questo e per I tuoi occhi
Les modules etranges – Socially awkward
Leva – La cascade de la montagne de l’aube
Listening Mirror – On the passing of Chavela
Loopool – As Dionysis
lovesliescrushing – Glinter
Lust for Youth – Solar Flare
Murmer – Specular reflection (liquid solid redux 2000-2010)
MWVM – Had Yr Pash
Natural Assembly – Arms of departure
Nobuto Suda – Twillight garden
Northern Valentine – Fin de Siècle
Northumbria – Northumbria
Nu depth – Sl4ve 2 †h3 r4v3
PacificUV – Weekends
Petrels – Haeligewielle
Pleq + Hiroki Sasajima – Witch-Hunt
Povoravo – Tchernovik
Rain Drinkers – Yesodic Helices
Saffronkeira – A new life
Skin area – Rothko Field
Strom noir – Famadihana
Superbugger – Aku
The infant Cycle – Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012)
The Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – D-Rated: The Dinosaur Sex videos – Part one
The nest – Music for Drivers
The opium warlords – We meditate under the pussy in the sky
Thirdorgan / Phoresy – Split
Thisquietarmy – Resurgence
Toundra – II
Troy Schafer – Evening song awaken
Troy Schafer, Astral Bloodletter – Split
Various – Boulevard Celine Dion
Visions from Oniria – The Last 3 Lines
War / Lust for youth – The Glass House Etiquette
White Hex – Heat
Will Guthrie – Sticks, stones and Breaking Bones
Wreathes – Wreathes
Zavier Krall – 4 Grievances


Absent Without Leave – Faded Photographs
Aim Low – Foulards
Akin – The Way Things End
Arvo Zylo – 333
AUN – Phantom Ghost
A Wake a Week – Through Line
Bad Sector – Raw Data
Burial Hex – Eschatology I
Contagious Orgasm & Kadaver – A tragedy without a border line
Contemporary Noise Sextet – Ghostwriter’s Joke
Cyclotimia – Sci Fi Music
David tagg – Return of the light
Dead Sea Apes – Soy Dios
D’incise – Arpenter
Fabio orsi – Light was the day
Field rotation – Acoustic Tales
Final Cut – Ballade de Bruits
Fragment. , .cut featuring Gibet – ..
Hadar – Mishmaat
Hypnoz – A Score for Iron Blues
Indelible – Remnants in Red
Infinitus Ensemble – Na, Poleon?
Kadaver / Djinn – Anti Human Life
Kadaver/The Vault – Noir Seasons
K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O, Montreal Nintendo Orkestar, Cheerleader69 – 3X3 – Volume Three
Kikiilimikilii – Lumens
Kinit Her – As Magi
Kinit Her – Divine Names
Kinit Her – Living midnight at the Harvest Abbey
Kodiak – Kodiak
Kryptogen Randfunk – Live 2005
Les Beyond – Hundreds And Thousands
Les Modules Etranges – Turmoil
Le Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – Angry Teeth
Le Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – Kiss me, I’m your Guru!
Lunalilith – Walls vs. Love
Magdalena Solis – Hesperia
Majdanek Waltz and Sal Solaris – Tenebrae
Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – Häxan
Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – We Are Offended
Nathan Watson – III / The Amber Tapes – Falling Mass Static
Omega Massif – Karpatia
Pigswill – Natural Transducer
Pwin ▲▲ Teaks – Aoxomoxoa
Rain Drinkers – Bore Upon the Breath of Dawn
Raindrinkers – The Healing begins now
Ralf Rabendorn – Aschenflucht
Raymonde Howard – For all the bruises black eyes and peas
Raymonde Howard, Montreal Nintendo Orkestar, Chat Ours – 3X3 – Series 2, Volume 2
Rei Rea – Hallah Tatatahhh
Rei Rea – Mallow Dents
Rei Rea – Tarvine
Rei Rea / Syrinx – Split
Rita Galetti – Falter
R.J Schreyi & IOIOI – The Healing Breakdown
Robin Guthrie – Emeralds
Rose Croix – Rose Croix
Sankt Otten – Gottes Synthesizer
SeaLight – Dead Letters
Second Family Band – Crippled Fingers
Soapy Jefferson – Carnival
Spettro Family – Candelora
TAT – Testament
Teenage Sin Taste – Love Kills Slowly
TeenageSinTaste – Sunday Lights E.P
The Infrared Experience, Bleeding Thorax, Flat Black Project – Understanding time – Part 1.
The Montreal Nintendo Orkestar – The Sudoku Masquerade E.P
Troy Schafer – Anubis Come In
Various Artists – Luminance
Various Artists – Strange Invaders
Wormsblood – Black and white art for man and beast
Yellow6 – Close/r
Yellow6 – Cut


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