A dead forest index – Antique

A dead forest index – Antique

Coldwave, goth

Label – Denovali Records

1 Distance
2 Anchoring the Hands
3 Black Mud
4 A New Layer
5 Turning

When I was much younger me and my little brother were sharing a room together at my parents’ house. Each night when we went to sleep we would talk about the band we will have together when we grow up. We had everything set up in fine details and the only thing left for us to do was to actually do it. Years passed and my brother is not in a band. He wouldn’t want to play with me on the bands I’m in anyway. Few years later I discovered and had the pleasure to interview Oneiroid Psychosis, a great duo of like minded brothers. Their music was (is?) twisted and unsettling, and A dead forest index shows once again that when two brothers get together to make dark music, it gets even darker. Me and my brother? At that time we were planning some grunge band, don’t mind us.

The album opens with ‘Distance’, a dramatic to the point of being theatrical in a modest, minimalist, sincere and effective way. Something exotic hides underneath the layers of music and I can’t quite put the finger on it. I don’t care too much though, because it’s a wonderful song and I enjoy it over and over again. The next door begins with guitars that actually remind me ideas from that band I wanted to start with my brother in order to be great grunge stars one day. Today, these sort of musical maneuvers are not as appealing, but Adam & Sam Sherry are not heading the way I already know they will not take. This song shapes and reshapes into a painful, dark song that fixes the album’s direction, which is in the direction of something great. I will jump, with your permission, to the last song, which is the best in the album. ‘Turning’ is an enchanting sinking into drones and magical, siren like singing. Painful and forlorn, it makes up a suitable ending to this short, but impressive album. I know what some of you think when the word ‘Goth’ is written as a genre description, but trust me; this is not some makeup band talking about bats and clouds. Take a chance on them.

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