Absent without Leave – Faded Photographs Remixes

Absent without Leave – Faded Photographs Remixes

Absent without Leave – Faded Photographs Remixes

Ambient, Electronica

Label – Sound in Silence records

CD 1
1 How The Winter Comes (Dalot Remix)
2 Old Memory Tapes ((ghost) Remix)
3 Dreams And Hopes (Reigns Remix)
4 Faded Photographs (Aerosol Remix)
5 Balloons In The Sky (Ruxpin Remix)
6 Daydream Lullaby (Sun Glitters Remix)
7 Where The Birds Fly In Winter (Eleventhfloorrecords Remix)
8 Above The Trees (SubtractiveLAD Remix)
9 How The Winter Comes (Ghost Bike Remix)
10 Dreams And Hopes (Landing Remix)
11 Balloons In The Sky (Arc Lab Remix)
12 Faded Photographs (Kontakte Remix)
13 Old Memory Tapes (The Echelon Effect Remix)
14 Above The Trees (Dedo Remix)

CD 2
15 How The Winter Comes (Elika Remix)
16 Old Memory Tapes (Oppressed By The Line Remix)
17 Dreams And Hopes (Dreissk Remix)
18 Faded Photographs (Plastik Joy Remix)
19 Where The Birds Fly In Winter (Keef Baker Remix)
20 Balloons In The Sky (Crisopa Remix)
21 How The Winter Comes (Dankerque Remix)
22 Daydream Lullaby (Slow Dancing Society Remix)
23 Where The Birds Fly In Winter (To Destroy A City Remix)
24 Balloons In The Sky (Midas Fall Remix)
25 Above The Trees (Mark Harris Remix)
26 Dreams And Hopes (Olan Mill Remix)
27 Daydream Lullaby (Ex Confusion Remix)
28 Old Memory Tapes (Tokyo Bloodworm Remix)

Absent Without Leave’s album was reviewed on CINYF! a while ago, and here comes another wave, resonating from this creation, with enchanting fractals of various interpretations to AWL’s music. This double album, packed with numerous remixes and realizations, offers more dimensions to the original music, all in the familiar code of aesthetics that was laid before by the interesting label ‘Sound in Silence’.

There are 28 remixes in this double album, and together they create a cinematic panorama that travels calmly and smoothly between abstract sounds and more traditional forms of music. In my opinion, the greatest achievement of this compilation lies in the fact that the slow progression from one track to another is not boring at all. In fact, there grows a certain amount of curiosity as to the next remix and the next variation.

I can compare this to a similar release, with about thirty remixes for one great song that I really like, and I simply cannot listen to more than two consecutive tracks on that remix compilation, as they turn to be boring adaptations to the certain theme. Over here, on the other hand, AWL managed to compile a beautiful collection of remixes that works wonderfully with each other. The result is, for lack of other words, quite easy on the ears, but that’s not a bad thing once the music itself draws some very touching and heart grasping pictures in your mind, once you listen to it.

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