Adrian Aniol – Arrhythmia OST

Adrian Aniol – Arrhythmia OST

Drones, Dark ambient

Label – TQA records

1. The Opening
2. Informis Pravitas
3. In A Darkened Room
4. Lament
5. Thoughts Become Noise
6. 3AM Revelations
7. The Others
8. The Permanence
9. Arrhythmia (In A Heartbeat)
10. In Black Twilights
11. The Way Of All Flesh
12. The Dark Night Of The Soul
13. Slowly Downward
14. In Control Of All Things
15. The Closing

It’s not 3AM yet, although it will soon be, and I can easily cooperate with the heavy notions of darkness and heavy pressure on my eyelids, begging me to call it a day. I am writing this as my body bravely struggles against the sandman, and from time to time, sometimes within the time of writing one word, my eyes close for a second and my head tilts down. 3AM revelations offers heavy, low grumbles that infuses my mind with the right fuel for brief, tiny dreams. Each time I fail and close my eyes, getting nearer and nearer the state of sleep, my mind works in a sort of a compressed method, and I feel like I am thinking about certain ideas much faster that time usually allows my brain. Yeah, I’ve seen the movie Inception, but I felt this way a long time ago as well. Try it, it works. As my body almost drifts into sleep, and my mind compresses this way, the loud roar from the sixth track enters just in time to escort me in this short, mental dive. This roar is so powerful I can feel how it makes the earth shake under my brain. Arrhythmia is a powerful suggestive album in my struggle to stay awake, and it resonates so powerfully in my mind that I can almost feel it vibrating between my eyes.

I think I have slept a little. ‘In Black Twilights’ is playing now and the distant melody is what I hear at first, seconds or hours before I notice the powerful, whispering drones that hum beneath it. It ends with a growing shriek of condensed sound and it makes my heart pace faster for a brief moment. ‘The way of all flesh’ is even more abstract, with vague traces of the sounds of marching, buried among sonic winds. I wonder how long it is before the sun rises again, and judging from the darkness outside and the grim essence of this track, I doubt, for a short time, that it will. How fitting it is, then, to drift into ‘The Dark Night of the Soul”. I remember this track from earlier plays, and how distant and almost invisible it turns at times. Now, as my grasp over reality is loose due to fatigue, I am not even sure that I hear it at certain points. It is composed of mute moments, evolving into sinister crawling that pinches my nerves and makes me shiver. My cats are asleep, I wonder what they think about this sound.
The metallic shrieks that can be heard on “In Control of All Things” are almost too much to handle when you barely sit on your chair, with your eyes struggling against the bright whiteness of your computer screen. I can feel how intense and haunting this music is, feeding my delusional paranoia and shattering it with a great thunder.

It is now morning. After listening to the closing part, I went to bed, only to wake up three hours later. It is morning, and I vaguely remember dreaming about a fog. Those of you who try to remember their dreams like I do can probably relate to the times when you can almost remember the visuals of your dream, but it evades you in the last nano second, just before manifesting in your mind. In a similar way, Adrian Aniol has brought sounds that were almost clear, tempting my mind with their vividness, only to collapse back into the disturbing fog of drones that has spawned them. There is a picture hidden in this album, but all we can see is a specter among shadows, and in this beautiful shadowy realm, Aniol is the master and supreme sorcerer, and all we can do is appreciate his magic and brief summoning of structured constructs.

I put this album in my player and I go out and begin my day. ‘The way of all flesh’ plays again, and for a second, just for a brief second, I swear it’s not morning any more, it is dark and cold like it was few hours ago. Then I open my eyes, it is morning and the sun is shining. I increase the volume.

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