Anne Chris Bakker – Reminiscences

Anne Chris Bakker - Reminiscences

Anne Chris Bakker – Reminiscences

Drones, Ethereal

Label – Dronarivm

1 Between the Garden and the Lake
2 I thought my Heart was Calm
3 Paths (For Robert)
4 Norge Svommer
5 This Garden
6 Droesem

‘Reminiscences’ begins and ends with long warm drones that spell the entire world with their vibrating nature. I am listening to this album for over six hours now, and the hypnotizing sounds just draw me in time and time again. I cannot decide if I hear the vague trumpets of heaven or the broken chimes of desolation. “Reminiscences” manages to elude my perspective with its dreamy rhythms and painful pianos that appear on “paths” or “This Garden”. Through its strict minimalism, “Reminiscences” creates deep corridors of sound, and this chapel-like sensation is what makes the mind swirl around in infinite sadness and infinite delight. Like many other albums that were released by Dronarivm, this too is a great album.

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