Archon Orchestra – Cenopath

Archon-Orchestra-– Cenopath

Archon Orchestra – Cenopath

Neo Classical, Electronic

Label – Shadowplay, Muzyka Voln, Monopoly records

1 Lento
2 Hope & Calm
3 Eluding I
4 Give us a Sign
5 Yes, I was Glad
6 In Between the Notes
7 Les Dirigeables
8 Eluding II
9 Solace
10 Cenotaph
11 Time (extra)

‘Zhelezobeton’ label’s sister – ‘Muzyka Voln’, together with Shadowplay and Monopoly records, releases the second album by Archon Orchestra, which is the first album in quite a while that manages to blow me away into another time and space from the first musical note that is played on the track “Lento” to the last moment of time. The gateway to this place is painted on the cover art of this album, and in the shape of a modernist construct, manifested through an expressionist hand that painted it as a tribute to painter Lyonel Feininger, it tells countless stories about the archon orchestra.

The Neo classical compositions, now created through electronic methods, are of a surrealist and serene world. At times, on the track “Les Dirigeables”, for example, the Archon Orchestra brings a naïve sense of wonder to the music, and I am listening to it with an amused fascination that I would have as a child examining flowers on a beautiful field. As I go through this album, gliding softly between light melancholia and surreal joy, I keep seeing this vision of the painted tower in front of me. Cenopath has detached me from time and put me in this space that is drawn between piano notes and electronic or drum based rhythms.

The world of ‘Cenopath’ is dreamy at times, exotic as well, and can persuade the listeners to stay inside it while the music draws visions from French soundtracks, surreal imaginarium and a baroque painting seen through the mirror darkly. Certainly an interesting and rewarding release, it would fit well on the shelves of Ethereal, Neoclassical and minimalist music fans.

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