Arktau Eos – Ioh Maera


Arktau Eos – Ioh Maera

Ritual, drone, primitive

Label – Svart Records

1 Unbinding Kaamos
2 Noxfaros
3 Sunken Luminaries
4 Ioh Maera
5 Otherstone Refraction

I own both Mirrorion and Ai Ma Ra, with their great packaging done by Aural Hypnox. Both albums have given me, since 2006′ come to think about it, a beautiful, if not severe picture about the esoteric practice of music done by this remarkable act. Their latest double release from Svart records punches the stomach right where their previous release left a red sacrificial mark. From the beautiful, magical artwork to the last of the tiny ringing sounds; Ioh Maera is an audio basilisk, mesmerizing the listeners who dare venture into its course.

A two headed Basilisk, I have to say, since Ioh Maera, which is available on CD only, came out by Svart records together with another Arktau Eos album, titled “unworeldes”, which is available on vinyl only. This album will get its own review, but I just want to mention this alluring fact that hovers above this beautiful release.

The five parts of this album summon slow aural awakenings that erect ringing drones of persistent, ritual solemnity. There are chanting and atmospheric avalanches that catapult the rituals beyond the borders of orthodoxy in what counts in relation to how this music works, and as I am trying to figure out whether the sounds I am listening to come from an organic, mechanic or electronic origin, I suddenly think that as Arkatu Eos claim massive presence in this mystical hybrid of sound and subliminal sights, once you close your eyes and surrender.

The apex of this album, the fourth track – “Ioh Maera”, shows the chilling ability to weld together the tribal and the templar into the dramatic, monolithic shamanic exploration. It shows in the clearest way how engaging and powerful this project is. Get this, turn off the lights and summon vivid dreams. The vivid music is there.

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