AUN – Alpha Heaven

AUN – Alpha Heaven

Dark ambient, Psychedelic

Label – Denovali

1 Koeing
2 Returna
3 War is near
4 Viva
5 Vulcan
6 La Luna
7 Peacecalm
8 Apha
9 Voyager
10 Floodland
11 Return to Jupiter

The overall feeling in this wonderful album by the ever mysterious AUN, who manages to constantly show beautiful, haunting musical worlds to us, is so viciously mixed. As the music shifts like a marvelous feathered snake between the deep, black hole of anti-atmospheric sounds, straight into magnificent seventies acidic psychdellica, there is a small boulder of rock slowly building itself In the heart of the listeners. Even in the most delightful moments of this garden of eternal delight, there is a grim realization that whatever wonderful views there are to see through the pulsing, kaleidoscopic eyes of AUN’s music, one cannot simply join mentally join this spiritual dance, but only witness it from afar, before leaving. If we could join AUN’s music, well, that would be too good to be true.

On the vibrating “Vulcan”, AUN builds a spiraling constellation of sounds and awe, showering warm particles of joy, in front of the listeners. Like fireworks falling in the speed of snowflakes, the synthetic sounds are absolutely spectacular, and on the track “Alpha” they are even more sensual. It is like Dante witnessing the heavens, only to later step back into the earth, witnessing the world of AUN is only temporal and so this boulder of despair that is slowly growing beneath the layers of sounds is there, felt in every waking moment of this album. This is not a bad experience, but an enriching one. AUN’s heavenly palette is full every sensual world, both the wondrous, enchanting ones, and the dark, almost too heavy to handle ones.

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